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After further deliberation I finally decided to make this blog a home to post both my Original & Fan Fiction work-in-progress stories as well as the finished ones. Since I post both my original and fan fiction work(s) on the same site, might as well use the same blog to advertise/announce story updates.

Aside from writing fan fiction and some of my original works of fiction, I also enjoy reading. I like to read original stories - mostly romance - and I enjoy reading fan fiction stories. When I have time I read stories (original or fan fiction) so if you want your story/stories to be read, commented & voted on (if you publish it on Wattpad), then lemme know. Who knows, one of these days if I have enough free time I'll get around to reading your work. And if I like it I'll recommend it.

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HIS LUCKY STAR - Chapter Update!!!

READ IT HERE: Wattpad / Figment Twisting the Hellmouth /

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